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Writing is my passion and God-given calling.  It's a pleasure to help nurture people's ideas and thoughts to enhance their personal life or business.  I love sharing the vast knowledge that has been passed down to me from leading expert quality mentors and wide range of experiences making a positive difference along the way.   What can I do for you today?

  • Bachelor degree in chemistry with specialization in biochemistry from Duke University
  • 22+ years QA/Food Safety experience in Fortune 100  companies in food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries
  • 16 year retail and wholesale business owner

My Skills

 Get positive results!  With over 40 years business technical writing experience, you can be assured your ad copy, technical document, presentation, resume, email, blog, or story is presented in a manner that will satisfy you and your target audience.  

Member American Writers & Artists,Inc and Association of Personal Historians

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